Fabric Measurements

Fabric Measurements

We sell our fabrics by the unit which is a metric fat quarter and although fabrics can vary in size, (please see individual product pages for widths) typically a unit measures approximately 50cm x 55cm.  If you order more than one unit then we will cut this as one length. If for any reason this is not possible, we will contact you before posting.  We have listed a table below to help you in deciding how many units you will need to get the length of fabric you require.

1 unit   = 55cm wide x 50cm long
2 units = 110cm wide x 50cm long (1/2 metre)
3 units = 110cm wide x 75cm long
4 units = 110cm wide x 100 cm long (1 metre)
5 units = 110cm wide x 125cm long
6 units = 110cm wide x 150cm long (1 1/2 metres)
7 units = 110cm wide x 175cm long
8 units = 110cm wide x 200cm long (2 metres)

The individual product page will state if any of our fabrics are sold in measurements other than fat quarters.


Imperial Measurements

Very occationally, a product will be sold as either an imperial fat quarter (measuring 18x22inches) or a half yard (measuring 18x44inches), usually because the fabric has been precut by the manufacturer prior to sale. Please see individual listings for details.