Hi there! I'm Kate, the owner of A House Full of Thread.

I learned to sew with the help of my mother and grandmother on a hand-cranked sewing machine at an early age, but it wasn’t until I discovered quilting in 2012 that I really fell in love with sewing. Since making my first quilt on my own sewing machine (not hand cranked anymore!), I have made in excess of 30 quilts, teaching myself as I went with the help of books and the internet. The rest is history!

My business was founded with the encouragement of many of my friends, family and especially my husband (who came up with my business name – “This house is just FULL of thread, Kate!”) In 2015, having finally worked up the courage to put myself out there, I quit my day job and opened my shop selling quilts, cushions, bags and baskets as well as lavender bags and other small gifts. I have made quilts for school teachers, guest houses, children and as wedding gifts. It is just so rewarding seeing something you’ve made being loved and used, hopefully for many years or generations to come! As Mary Fons puts it, “Human beings love quilts because they are objects of love; indeed most quilts are made and given to someone as a gift. Just as love is not selfish, neither are quilters. A quilt is a physical manifestation of the sentiment, “You are cared for. I want you to be warm and dry.” If you’re really lucky, a quilt can mean, “Without question, I love you.”

2016 marked a change of direction for me as I began selling Moda fabrics both by the metre and in the form of pre-cuts, as well as continuing to make commissioned quilts. I am dedicated to selling only quality products – I am probably my own toughest critic! – that I both love and believe others will love also.

The most rewarding part of my work is being able to do what I love, everyday! It has led me to meeting so many new and creative people, filled the creative gap in my life and is different every single day – so much better than an office job! I am constantly inspired by so many of the other quilters out there and of course the fabrics available and patterns available that are just limitless.

I would love for my little shop to help support my future family, wherever I end up in the world (one of the many advantages of having a little online shop – I can sell from literally anywhere!) and help fellow sewing enthusiasts create items that they treasure!

If you'd like to see behind the scenes and have a look at my works in progress then find me on Instagram - I'm @ahousefullofthread - or Facebook.