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Come and see the latest arrivals into the shop and onto the website!

Brightly Blooming Linen by Create Joy Project

"Laura Muir here from Create Joy Project. I am a fine artist and designer from Utah. I create original works of art, stationery products and other consumer goods that are all art-centric. 

"I am thrilled to present my debut fabric line for Moda, Brightly Blooming! This collection of fun, hand painted fabrics has been a Joy to create! My hope with this line is to inspire happiness, positivity and an adventurous spirit in anyone who sees it. This line is full of bright florals and watercolor washes as well as textural mixed media patterns, painted in watercolor and acrylic paints. They are loose and playful with a sense of cheerful abandon. I love putting unexpected texture and designs in my paintings, which speak to the wild nature I wish to express with my art. A lot of my artistic process involves the feelings and experiences I have in the beautiful mountains surrounding my home in Utah, as well as my travels around the world. I try to express these joyful moments into my paintings. I am so pleased to be able to share my art with you, through fabric with Moda! 

"I have always loved to sew, and have spent many years dreaming about what it would be like to create my very own fabric one day. I can tell you now, it is so inspiring and empowering. My hope is to share with everyone the excitement and fulfillment you get with the creative process. There is something timeless and so real about piecing together a work of art with your bare hands and watching others enjoy that effort for a lifetime and beyond. So, let's all get our creative juices flowing with this Brightly Blooming line of fabrics! I can't wait to see what we can create together."

William Morris - Best of Morris Spring

Best of Morris Spring Collection

William Morris’s designs and artwork reflect his love of nature. Some of his most famous prints have been re-colored with his signature colors, mixed up in a way that brings the spring season to mind. The light reds and pinks of spring flowers pop against shades of bright greens and blues. For quilts, home décor and accessories, the Best of Morris is spring at its most resplendent.

These are sold by the imperial fat quarter and measure 18x22inches each.

Tahoe Ski Week by Mara Penny



The sparkle of freshly fallen snow. The squeaky crunching sound of my rigid ski boots as I walked out to the slopes carrying my skis and poles. The feeling of my wet gloves and the warm smell of the ski lodge all bring me back to my youth. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Ski Week Collection was inspired by my childhood and the winters spent on those beautiful snow-covered mountains.

I have this beautiful snowflake print as yardage as well as the whole collection as a charm pack. 

Kiamesha by Crystal Manning 

Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see. A summer breeze is blowing through your hair as you cruise in a Studebaker to Lake Kiamesha. While you sing along to the Four Seasons, bungalow life and a summer fling are only moments away. With my latest collection, I’m taking you back to a 1960’s glitz and glamour getaway in the Catskills. You will find cheerful prints with sailboats, sunshine, fish and pineapples. One of my designs includes a hidden peace sign, representing a plea for peace then and now. Let’s see if you can find it! The Kiamesha collection includes five rayon prints perfect for summer garments. A palette of blue, teal and coral will make gorgeous accessories and quilts for the season. As the selvage says, “Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see.”

Country Christmas by Bunny Hill Designs


Deck the halls with Country Christmas! If you dream of simpler times and an old-fashioned Christmas, this collection is for you. When I created these prints, I was dreaming of snowball fights, Santa snacks, and a comfortable place to warm my ice-cold feet. Spread plenty of cheer this season and make something for every room in your house with a focus on warmth, simplicity, and home. What will you make from Country Christmas?

These sheep and little Christmas Trees would make a great addition to anyone's Christmas fabric stash!

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